Pinewood Derby 2013

Wow what a great turnout and fun day of racing for the Cub Scouts of Pack 121!  Thank you to everyone for showing up and making it a rocking good time.  Special thank you to the following who helped make today such a great memory:

  • Mark and Jay for the great job in repairing the track before and during the race.  Nothing could have been done without them!
  • Heather and the Concession team who made sure everyone got fed and drinks flowing!
  • Edd and Laura who stayed late on Friday setting up and were still cleaning up long after the rest of us had gone home tonight!
  • Tony and Charles who handled the duties of managing and recording the results of the races!
  • Tony a second time for being our inspection and weigh in official.
  • Bill who served as our Pit Boss and watchdog!
  • Mike Boggs and Drew Webster for being our Race Starting Officials.
  • Drew Webster and Michaela Threlkeld for taking care of pre-registrations on Friday night.
  • Jesse Bloom, James Roach, Will Mask, Tyler Bass and Jason Blessing for being finish line officials.
  • Yvonne Jones, Ginger Manning, and Eric Russell for being our design judges.

I know I am probably forgetting someone, if so it wasn’t intentional let me know and I will get it fixed.

A special congratulations to our race winners:

  1. Sam Bass – 1st place, grand champion
  2. Chase Smith – 2nd place
  3. Ian Williamson – 3rd place

The boys made some super fast cars this year!  And what a great collection of designs.  I was particularly impressed by the sportsmanship and class of ALL of our Cub Scouts.  They are all winners in my book!




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