2013 Blue and Gold Banquet

Thank you to everyone for making our 2013 Blue and Gold banquet a great evening.  Special thanks are owed to our wonderful leaders who do so much for our boys on a daily basis.  Your Den Leaders are all great role models for our boys and do so much to support them and allow the boys to do their best!

Our leadership:

  • Jesse Bloom and Traci Dodds (Tigers)
  • Heather Clinger and Aaron Craig (Wolves)
  • Bill Clinger, Jason Blessing and Scott Schooley (Bears)
  • Edd Threlkeld and April Schooley (Webelos 1)
  • Jay Smith and Mark Werczynski  (Webelos 2)

Thank you also to the other unsung hero’s of this pack:

  • Laura Threlkeld who had to deal with case of the missing celebration cake at the cake maker and still was able to get us setup and looking great for our Blue and Gold Banquet.
  • Michael Halla for always being our support and bridge with the Church.  We are very lucky to have such a great liaison with the St. Paul and on our Committee.
  • Charles Pope who at the last minute was able to get to the newly opened Scout Office and picked up, labeled, organized and presented all of the awards.  This plus putting together our rank advancement ceremonies.
  • Jay Smith for always being there, ready to help at the drop of the hat and for helping with the rank ceremony presentations.
  • Bill Clinger and the Bear Den for our Color Guard duties.
  • Edd Threlkeld for staying late again to make sure everything in the Brashaber hall was back in order, vacuumed,  and better than we found it.

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