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Halloween and Popcorn

The new scouting season is in full swing and that means 1 thing, Popcorn fund-raising has begun.  Our first show and sell turned out very well, thank you to all of the scouts who helped out at Kroger!  Next weekend we will be at Lowes and still need volunteers to work, the show is from 10a-2p and each boy that participates will get a share sales.  The last day to turn in Popcorn money and orders is Monday October 22nd.  We will be at the Church from 6:30p-7p to collect both popcorn money and forms as well as taking registration fees for boys who still need to register.  Questions about Popcorn should be directed to the Popcorn Kernel Heather.

So far the Popcorn fundraiser has collected just over $1400, a third of which goes straight to the Pack.  While that is a great start, we have a long way to go to reach our goals to support the pack this year.  The second show and sell, next Saturday (10-13) is very important, which is why we need a lot of scout participation to make it all it can be.   We are well short of our goal and need a great turn out at the last show and sell as well as good numbers from the remaining scouts outstanding order forms.  Remember the funds we raise from the Popcorn sales are what we have to budget for the upcoming years events, awards, patches, scholarships, and misc supplies.  Every dollar helps so we still need as much scout participation as we can get.  

In registration news, last year we had 27 registered scouts, with around 20 being active and we lost a few scouts to moving and other activities over the summer.  This years roster looks to be a few more than 27 now, with 20 who have already paid their registration.  This is awesome! It great that our Pack has continued to grow.  We have another Join Scouting night on Thursday October 18th, at the church from 6:30p-7:30p,  Several of our current scouts have helped bring in friends as well, that is something worth recognizing!  Those boys will be awarded the Recruiting patch to wear on their uniforms and we have several “Recruiter” patches to award.  Boys who have friends that might be interested in joining the Pack, can invite them to the Church on the 18th for the Join Scout Night.  The Join Scout Night is NOT a regular scout function, there are no den meetings or other activities at the church this is just for families with boys interested in joining the Pack.  Be sure to check with Cub Master Aaron for more information.

Registration Fee: $25

$15.,00 Goes to the Boy Scouts of America for the required registration
$5 goes toward providing den books to the boys
$5 goes toward the boys “Class B” uniforms

Committee Report

Currently the Pack’s Popcorn Sales have totaled $1457 with $485 going to the Pack.  That is great but far from our goal of $7500 in sales which would keep $2500 with Pack.  We have a lot of work left to do.  The good news is that we have one more Popcorn Show and Sell coming up and many of the boys have yet to turn in their Popcorn forms.  We need all of the help we can get at the Show and Sell on Saturday October 13th at Lowes from 10a-2pm.   Remember each boy who participates will receive a portion of the daily sales credited to them.  Order forms for Scouts must be turned in no later than than Monday October 22nd. Popcorn forms will be collected from 6:30p-7pm at the Church on Monday since there are no den meetings due to the Pack Meeting on Saturday October 27.

Up Coming Events

  • 10/8 Tiger, Wolf & Bear Go See It
  • 10/8 Webelos 1 & Arrow of Light Den Meetings
  • 10/8 Cub Scout Registrations
  • 10/13 Popcorn Show & Sell 10a-2p at Lowes
  • 10/15 Den Meetings
  • 10/18 Join Scout Night
  • 10/27 Pack Meeting TBD
  • 10/29 Pack Committee Meeting

Pack Contacts

Aaron Williamson
Committee Chair
Laura Webster
District Executive
Kevin Trojan
Scout Store

Cub Master Minute

In the spirit of the upcoming Presidential election, consider this my “State of the Pack” address.  I wanted to touch more on the recruiting situation with the Pack.  I am glad to see so many scouts bringing in their friends and family!  Having lost several scouts over the summer for various reasons, its great news to see that we already have 27 scouts participating and 20 of them have already registered.  We also will have the second Join Scouting Night which if successful, will help the Pack grow even more.
I am very excited for this upcoming year.  I am hopeful that the changes we have already made have had a positive impact on the way our Pack runs.  If nothing else, it has alleviated some of the chaos we have had in the Den meetings.  I am also very proud of our leaders who have stepped up and taken on the role and embraced it.  Our leaders not only serve as Guides in scouting but important role models for the boys.  We are very fortunate to have so many willing to help by supporting the Pack but for the few that have volunteered their spare time to spend leading, molding, and guiding our boys, they deserve special recognition.  At your next Den Meeting take a moment to thank our Den Leaders for their time and patience.  It really isn’t just an hour a week:
Tiger Den
* Jesse Bloom
* Traci Dodds
* All of Tiger Adult Partners who do so much to help in the Tiger Den
Wolf Den
* Heather Clinger
* Mark English
* Aaron Craig
Bear Den
* Bill Clinger
* Scott Schooley
* Jason Blessing
Webelos 1
* Edd Threlkeld
* April Schooley
Arrow of Light (Webelos 2)
* Jay Smith
* Mark Werczynski
If I forgot anyone, please let me know. Your time and energy working with all of our boys is very much appreciated!  As a Pack we are better because of your guidance and leadership.

Hoosier Trails Events

  • 10/11 Wapehani Round Table
  • 10/26-10/28 Council Camporee (Boy Scouts)

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